Clickthrough Production Information

“Clickthrough” is an original web series featuring gifted students who are struck by lightning.  The abnormal event prepares their vessels for the work to come, but first they must take hold of their kingdom inheritance and fully embrace their heavenly entitlements.

Our very first film project was provided on an extremely low budget, therefore, we must give a huge shout out to all the amazing hands that donated their time,funds and talent to make this happen.  To the parents and students for all their dedicated hard work and to Lisa Richardson who was the main contact person to get this project off the ground.  To Andre Regan, Tatayana A. Richardson and Sommer Wynn our amazing support team who worked endlessly behind the scenes. To Cloretta D. Chandler for the theme song and story outline.  To Ken Rogers and James E. Chandler, Sr. of ShowItt Entertainment for their technical expertise, to Kendrick Davis of the Hunter Park Community Center for the use of their facility and to Streaming Best who streamed and edited the film. God bless you all!

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Webisode 1: The Backyard

Webisode 2: The Upper Room

Webisode 3: The Symbols

Webisode 4: The Puzzle

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