• LMC Production, LLC is a diverse and inclusive community –based organization whose purpose is to entertain, educate, and enrich our community through the performing arts.

    NOTE: A signed copy of this agreement must be returned before participating
    in any rehearsals or productions by LMC Production.
    Dates and times for rehearsals and performances are provided near the end of this form.

    Welcome to an LMC Production. If this is your first experience performing with our organization, you will find there is a high degree of dedication from everyone involved in our productions. We have high standards with a strong desire to give back!

    We do this work because we love it. We work together to create the very best show possible. We are dedicated to help each other grow, hone our craft and skills, and to enjoy the process of doing theater together. Pay may be small, (sometimes none at all) but our goal is to grow you as an artist and when possible, to grow your finances too.

    The following are some guidelines and expectations for participating in our productions. Each director, (music director, choreographer, film director, etc.) may have additional expectations;

    Acceptance of a Role or Position and Availability
    • When actors audition for a show or crew members commit to a production position, they are assumed to be available for normal rehearsal periods through the end of the run of the show, the striking of the set and location cleanup.
    • Let your director know before you accept a role if you have dates that might be in conflict with rehearsals or performances or other production obligations. Your director will provide you with a preliminary rehearsal schedule
    • Rehearsals may occur any time between auditions and opening night but are generally on weekends or evenings. Your director will set the schedule. If you have any doubts about when you will be required to be at rehearsal, please check with the director.
    • Theater is an ensemble art. When you agree to participation in a play or dance or other performance you become an important member of a team, a team who is relying upon you to make the production reality. Your commitment is an unwritten contract and a promise to all the other cast and crew that you will be there and be prepared. We ask that if you must drop out after you commit to your role as a team member that it be in case of an emergency only. The actions of any individual can have an effect upon the success or failure of a production that requires weeks and hundreds of people-hours to prepare.
      Being on time means in your place ready to start. Review carefully the rehearsal schedule and know when you are called. Each director will probably set up different call times with actors that are not needed in scenes. Check with your Director or Assistant Director before leaving rehearsal each night to confirm the schedule. Check your email daily.

      No one should leave a rehearsal until dismissed by the director or the stage manager. The absence of any one person can waste the time of many others. If an emergency requires leaving, it is the responsibility of the actor or crew member to notify the Director or Stage Manager, immediately and not another cast or crew member. Call the director/stage manage or assistant director as soon as possible (or whomever is designated by the Director) if you are going to be late or absent.

    3. SIGN IN
      Sign in at every rehearsal and performance.

    4. SCRIPT
      Bring your production packet and script and a note pad to EVERY rehearsal and make sure you have a pencil with you at every rehearsal. Come prepared to take written notes. CHANGE HAPPENS, so USE PENCIL – NOT PEN.

    5. USE OF TIME.
      There certainly is a social aspect and great camaraderie that happens in participation in creating theatre. Remember, however, that the focus of being together during production, rehearsals, work-calls and performance, is in creating an excellent and memorable performance. If your active participation is not required for a while, spend time for line study, observing and learning from other actors and the director or performing other production related activities as appropriate.

      Please minimize talking (or other noise) in the rehearsal area by those not involved in the scene. Any unnecessary noise adversely affects a performer’s concentration and, therefore, the rehearsal or the performance itself.

      When the cast is scheduled to be off-book (Not using the script or written notes for lines) it is expected that each cast member will know his/her lines.

      No alcohol or drugs or tobacco, or vapor products are to be consumed on the premises before, and during and rehearsals and performances. No gum unless by instruction from your director as a part of your role. Smoking, vapor product and tobacco product use is allowed only outside the building away from any doors. Dispose of field stripped cigarette butts in trash only, this means not the street, courtyard grass, and sidewalk or flower pots, etc.

    9. CELL PHONES, MP3 PLAYERS, I-Pads, etc.
      These devices can cause inattentiveness or unwanted distractions. No cell phone use of any kind including texting or games, in the immediate rehearsal area, theatre backstage or in the lobby. Check with your Director on any exceptions.

      Rehearsals are closed to the public. As a general rule cast/crew are discouraged from bringing visitors to rehearsal. If you need to bring your ride, child, partner, etc, they must wait in the outer lobby.

      NOTE: No child care of any kind is provided by the production. If you must bring your child or children, they must be accompanied by your care taker, at all times.

      ABSOLUTELY NO VISITORS IN THE GREEN ROOM, DRESSING ROOMS OR BACKSTAGE BEFORE OR AFTER PERFORMANCES! Most actors use the time before a performance to get into make-up, costume and concentrate on their character. People other than cast/crew are an unneeded and annoying distraction.

      Social media is a wonderful tool for promoting a performance. Please use your own social media to promote the production. Please “like” our LMC Production Facebook page daily and “share” our posts and information on your own page. We encourage you to forward any good photographs you might have to our marketing director who may use them on our webpage and in other promotions of the production .

      You may NOT publish in any format including social media, photographs of minor children who are in the production without the written permission of their parents.
    12. COSTUMES.
      The Director and the Costume Director will determine the proper costumes for each character for the production. Cast and crew work together with the Costume Director to help provide or create costumes. Costumes are often borrowed from individuals or other theatre companies or are rented. It is all of our responsibility, as an ensemble, to take good care of all costumes. Often, many hours have gone into the creation of each costume for the production. It is the responsibility of the actor to care for the costume and wear it appropriately. No eating or drinking while in costume.

      At times we may ask that you donate your clothing, trinkets, jewelry for the production, at your own risk, but you are not obligated to do so.

    13. MAKEUP
      Actors are responsible for their own makeup. During the dress rehearsal period, assistance in the design and technique for each character may be provided, but normally each actor should be able to apply their own makeup following the final dress rehearsal. Assistance will be provided for special makeup applications

    14. PROPS
      Don't touch or move any props on props tables in the dressing room. Anything you find backstage needs to be left in its place. Once your show opens, check your own props every night before and after performances. It is your responsibility, not the Stage Manager’s, to make sure you have your props and that they are in the right place. Leave props belonging to others alone. Moving props is grounds for justifiable homicide in theatre! Props are often borrowed, rented and/or irreplaceable and should not be used by anyone other than the designated actor.

      After you are cast in your role, DO NOT CHANGE YOUR APPEARANCE IN ANY WAY without checking with your Director first. This includes shaving or growing of beards and change of hair style. You may be requested to change your appearance as part of your role.

      This is often the longest rehearsal, and it is often the most important. It is the first time that most of the technical elements are joined with production. Patience is needed from all involved. Remember that the technical crew has only a few hours to perfect their part of the production while the cast has been working for several weeks.

      These final rehearsals require the total concentration of the performers and crew, because new elements might still be integrated into the production.

    18. ACTOR/DIRECTOR ETIQUETTE (Actors act. Directors direct. Do not confuse the two.)
      Please don't direct your fellow actors during rehearsal or performances. Most Directors are open to suggestions but clear any suggestions you may have with him/her first, in private. If you need to share an idea or don't feel good about some aspect of the show, including your character, blocking, etc., talk to your Director privately. If you, have needs, positive suggestions about the production or about the facility, or un-resolvable issues with other cast members or crew, please discuss them one-on-one with the director or her/his designated person at an appropriate time. Do not expect the director to stop production or rehearsal to listen to your input or complaint. Do not expect an immediate response or change. The Director will respectfully consider your input but is under no obligation to integrate your suggestions into the performance. Never argue with the Director in front of other actors from the stage or any other place, during any part of the rehearsal process.

      Please attempt to resolve your own issues with the other person first, one-on-one out of earshot of others if possible. Please approach your each other with respect and a heart to listen. If you have unresolvable issues with other cast members or crew, please discuss them one-on-one with the Director, or her/his designated person at an appropriate time. Do not expect the director to stop production or rehearsal to listen to your input or complaint. Do not expect an immediate response or change. Complaining to other cast and crew is inappropriate, artistically unprofessional, distracting and disruptive to other’s abilities to focus on their own performance. NEVER, EVER air your grievances in social media, before, during or after a rehearsal or a production. It is inappropriate and may result in immediate termination or the denial of any future projects with LMC Production.

      The director has the right to terminate any cast, crew, or volunteer member’s participation at any time.

      LMC Production has an agreement with Just Dance Studios (JDS) to use the property for rehearsals, classes and production preparations. Individual agreements are signed when performing in restaurants, theaters, churches, offices, community centers, sound stages, event venues, etc. and we all bear equal responsibility to do our share in keeping the premises safe, clean and functioning. Any facilities issues should be reported to the Director or Stage manager ASAP and all cast and crew are expected to honor the rules of each venue.

      The rehearsal space, bathrooms, lobby, dressing rooms, green room and auditorium are to be kept clean during rehearsals. Check your rehearsal environment (theater, lobby and backstage) before you leave each time. Please make sure costumes are hung up after each rehearsal and performance.

    23. FOOD
      Food is not permitted in the rehearsal area. Some food items can be eaten in the lobby only if the facilities director permits it. Always ask first. And never, ever, eat in costume!

      The rehearsal and performance schedule provided below is done as a courtesy and is subject to change. We do our best to meet the schedule, but unforeseen circumstance may require additional rehearsal dates and or performance dates. If attendance to the actual production is low, proposed performance dates may be reduced.


    Rehearsals are Mondays from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM and Saturdays from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, starting Monday, November 25, 2019 – February 3, 2020 at 832 Sinyard Road, Lithia Springs, GA 30122 or at 2160 Lee Road, Lithia Springs, GA 30122.

    NOTE: Time off is scheduled for holiday breaks.

    Production Dates are: Friday, February 7, 2020 at 7:00 PM, and Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM
    NOTE: Dates and times may be subject to change and additional dates may be added. Proper notification will be given with an option to participate.

    NOTE: A signed copy of this agreement MUST be returned before participating in any rehearsals or activity sponsored by LMC Production.

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